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emotional pantywaist
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I'm a lawyer. I do child welfare work. I feel deeply grateful every single day that I stumbled into a career that is so fulfilling, and so frustrating.

I lived in every NAFTA country when I was growing up, and now I am very very sick of living in the U.S./living in this part of the U.S. again.

I have a love/hate relationship with rural Arizona. I romanticize living out there, and I would probably die if I actually had to live out there full time. Instead I just have a holiday house that I treat as my adult sized dollhouse, in a fairly fairytale-ish small town out in the boones. I love the desert more than just about any other landscape.

I like to read and argue about ways the world could be changed for the better. I want a life less frightening and less ordinary, but it seems difficult to find that at present. I have a hemophiliac heart. I live with my cat, who prefers my husband to me, and aforementioned husband and his cat. I go back and forth between longing for children and being ambivalent about having children, generally cannot keep plants alive, and would like to have more time for domestic arts again.

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